Product Designer, builder of things & adventurer

Husband. Photographer. Senior UX Design Manager Twitch. Adventurer. I love working on complex design problems and building products that have real impact.

Wanderlust also struck me at a young age and I've been trying to experience as many cultures as I can with wife since. My camera is always with me on my travels to do my best at documenting them.


Design Manager, Twitch

2015 - Present

Over the past few years I've continued to perfect my craft as a designer and manager at Twitch. I've built a team of 8 designers to focus on connecting viewers with broadcasters and communities.

Early in 2018 I took up the task to work with our project managers, product managers and engineering managers to put development process in place.

Product Designer, Twitch

2013 - 2015

My time at Twitch as an individual contributor gave me experience in designing for a wide array of devices and screen sizes. From building new features on our Xbox One app to giving our Android app a huge refresh.

Most of the features I worked on was related to our social communities. A lot of chat features like the original group chat, friends and whispers, and helped shape our strategy with a Product Manager on how we bring our TV experience to more devices.

Designer & Developer,

2008 - 2013 was my first venture into the startup life. Being the only designer on the very small team, my responsibilities ranged from promotional design (t-shirts, banners, business cards) to designing the UX for how academics connect and share their work.

Being a small team and having some technical skills, I was put on the rotating list of on-call engineers. So if the server went at 3am in the morning and I happened to be on call, I'd have to ensure to get some things back up.

During my time at Academia, I helped grow the community from a few thousand academics to well over 1 million. Also helped work on a job board where we help prospective academics find work within their respective fields.

Bachelor of Sciences in Interactive Media, AICSF

2006 - 2009