Be Curious and learn new things

May 9th, 2013

Like seasons, my interest in things changes every now and then. One month I'll be obsessed with everything bread, the next I want to know all there is to know about coffee. It sometimes drives my girlfriend crazy, but she understands and in most cases benefits from it.

I've come to realize that it's a good habit to become ever so slightly obsessed with something you're interested in. Become too involved and spend nights reading up on the subject and to then change to another interest as time passes.

With coffee I learned freshness matters once you roast the coffee, and it's even more important when you grind it. Pre-roasted coffee beans (green) can sit in bags for up to a year and still be usable.

Bread baking taught me patience, and not everything should be done scientifically, it's all about how the dough feels. It doesn't matter how much yeast you add, it can just sit and ferment for longer.

My current obsession is wine. I've become good friends with one of the owners of Petrichor and been steadily growing my collection. I've read articles about wine making and how China is now the biggest importer of Bordeaux wine. And there is so much more to learn.

I urge you to find something that tickles your curiosity and delve into its world. You might even learn something new about yourself.