BioShock Infinite: Complex and intoxicating

March 29th, 2013

Once in a while a video game will come along and give a specific genre a push in the right direction. A hint of "Hey, this is how you should do this." And challenges the current preconception of how a genre should be done.

This year, BioShock Infinite was that game. A breath of fresh air from your typical first person shooters. And it will be one of the best to hit your gaming machine all year.

I've been a long time BioShock fan and have finished the previous two BioShock games at least twice, if not more. When Irrational Games first announced BioShock Infinite I was giddy and jumping with joy. It went away from Rapture into a utopia in the sky, fresh bright colors and a world that's alive and thriving.

BioShock Infinite is paced really well, any kind of combat doesn't start till you're somewhat familiar with Columbia. And it gives you some time to explore and discover what the world has to offer. The only downside I have to the world is that you can't interact with anyone. Though alive and busy, it feels as if you're a ghost traveling through the area.

The pacing picks up once you meet Elizabeth, a girl kept captive by Comstock. Instead of being an annoying escort mission, Irrational decided to change the formula and have the person you're escorting become invaluable to gameplay.

Elizabeth will help you by spotting and marking important targets. She will also toss you the occasional health packs, ammunition and salt. But one of the more important aspects is that Elizabeth can open tears.

Tears are small doors to another world and can help you change the battlefield in your favor. Most areas will have a few tears available for you to use, either some type of cover or an automatic machine gun placement that will gun down foes nearby.

The gameplay is intense and keeps a good pace by giving you small breaks in between fire fights. With the mix of tears, Elizabeth and railings to ride around on you definitely won't be sitting in one position for very long.

Overall it's easily one of the best games to come out this year. It's available on many platforms and I would high recommend any gamer to get BioShock Infinite. You won't regret it.