Introducing Lunchables, a short daily newsletter

May 29th, 2013

Interesting articles often find it to my screen through Twitter, HackerNews or other social avenues. Sometimes I'd bookmark them and read them during lunch, or even later. Often I won't be bothered to share it unless I know it'd be of interest to someone I know personally.

Other times I'd think about Tweeting an article or messaging a few friends about it. But that's a bit clumsy and often I won't have time to send it to a bunch of people.

So I built Lunchables. A daily email that'll be sent around lunch time, with links to 3-5 articles that most interest me. Some emails might be themed, but I think in most cases the most interesting articles I find that day won't have any relation to each other.

All you have to do is subscribe by entering your email address and wait for your daily awesomeness.

I would love any and all feedback on how to improve the email, including frequency, length of articles and subjects. So feel free to email me at