iOS7 is lacking some polish

June 11th, 2013

Apple recently showcased the next update to the very popular mobile operating system, iOS. iOS7 takes the design in a slightly different direction to what we're used to seeing from Apple.

The redesign has seen some anger amongst the Apple and design community.

There's even a tumblr blog setup that brings all the hate together:

I've had iOS7 installed on my 4S since yesterday afternoon, and it's a little buggy. It is beta after all. Even though it's sluggish, they sped up the way to do some basic tasks. With a swipe up you can quickly access options that used to only be in the settings app. Swipe down and you'll see an overview of your day and any notifications.

It's nice. But it feels like some of the design elements are unpolished, rushed even. I spent some time tweaking some of the icons that I feel could've had more love.

I'll be adding a few more this week.