How I run my Sublime Text

August 8th, 2013

I've been a long time Sublime Text user and I have spent a bit of time customizing it to my needs. Today I helped out a coworker who recently started using Sublime Text 3 get up and running with some cool things I use.

Use the package manager

Even if you don't follow the other items, this is one thing I highly recommend. Will Bond has updated his package manager to support Sublime Text 3. Go here to install.

Soda Theme 3 + Tomorrow Night (80s)

This will vary from person to person. I prefer a darkish code theme since it won't hurt my eye balls if I have a late coding session. Tomorrow Night 80s with Soda Theme 3 is a perfect combination of simplicity with soothing colors.

You can install both Soda theme & Tomorrow night via Package Manager.


Git Gutter is an awesome little package that'll show the git diff in the gutter.

Go Minimal

Similar to theming, this is all about taste. I've hidden the minimap and file browser and have been sticking with Command+T to open up files within a project.


Here's a link to my user settings. I have a few types of files and folders inside exclude patterns so they don't show up in search. Customize this to your liking.

I also have default tab size, remove whitespace on save and ensure newline at end of file.