The Cloud is Scary

June 21st, 2011

Google recently announced Google Drive. Think of it as Dropbox for your Google Account. The service itself looks great - you can sync your Google docs and other files. It works very similarly to Dropbox in that you have a folder on your hard drive with everything inside and an app that takes care of syncing.

As technology and the web moves forward, more and more things move into the cloud. You take a photo on your iPhone and it’s automatically synced to all your other devices that supports iCloud. It's definitely useful and makes sharing and organizing your content a whole lot easier.

Before iCloud there was Dropbox, a more personal cloud storage system. You could share folders with friends, have public links for content, or just use it as a personal backup system. The more you tell people about the service, the larger your storage grew.

With the launch of Google Drive, I was anxious to give it a go. It was a breeze to setup and get my files syncing to my drive. A few minutes later I stumbled upon this tweet that links to this image:

Notice anything strange? Unless my English went back to South Africa, I swear it says Google can do anything it wants to with the content you upload. I decided to uninstall Google Drive from my machine until Google corrects their ToS.

Even if Google corrects their ToS, what's to stop future services from using your content that you upload? There have been numorous similar cases with services owning full rights to your work.

I hope this isn't a growing trend with cloud services. And I hope this storm passes by quickly...