Xbox One: It's not just about gaming

May 21st, 2013

Microsoft finally unveiled the next generation Xbox, titled "Xbox One." And with it a slew of changes to the way you use the Xbox.

I've been a long time Xbox user. Mainly for gaming in the early years of the console, but over time I've slowed down on gaming. It eventually became our Hulu/Netflix box, with HBO being the most recent one. Most of the people I know who own an Xbox uses it in the same manner, it's not longer a heavy gaming machine for them. It's their entertainment.

Microsoft made a very smart move with the Xbox One by having a heavy focus being "Entertainment" rather than just gaming. There are probably plenty hardcore gamers disappointed by the news, but I'm pretty confident they'll be happy playing CoD:Ghosts.

The future of entertainment with movies and TV shows is interactivity. One big example they showed off was NFL + Xbox, the ability of seeing your NFL Fantasy Team and points while a game is going on. It gets exciting when you think of what other studios could do with their sports, movies or TV shows.

I'm looking forward to the Xbox One and its future, and hoping that more and more TV networks switch over to use interactive features.