User Experience, Visual Design & Delight.

I am currently working with amazing people at Twitch shaping the way others experience video games & pop culture with each other.

Over the last 5 years I gave our broadcasters a way to sell merchandise to their community, gave users better ways to interact with their favorite broadcaster and helps new visitors find the content they want.

In 2014, I was responsible for bringing our android app into the modern age. I took that experience and brought our TV apps to more devices.

Now I manage a team of 8 to help our viewers and broadcasters connect with other like-minded people to form a bond that’ll last a lifetime.

My Process

My design process has changed and evolved over the past few years. The tools, and what material I produce may change depending on the project and team I'm working with, but the basics haven't changed.

The design process that has worked for me over the years is a bit more in-depth, but you can boil it down to three simple steps.

Understand what the customer problem is you're trying to solve, work towards a solution and validate, launch and learn to understand if it actually does solve the problem.

Highlights from Twitch

Over the past 5 years at Twitch, I've worked on a multitude of products both as an individual contributor and as a manager of a design team of 8.

Below are just a few highlights, spanning from desktop to consoles.

Updated navigation

Helped work with stakeholders across the company to help improve our site navigation and give our users access to their followed channels and friends no matter where they are.

We saw a huge increase in users visiting the channels they follow, as well as interact with their friends.

Bunch of updates to our Xbox One app

Worked with Product Managers and Engineers to bring a host of new features to our Xbox One app, including a new personalized homepage and better sorting and filtering options on directories.

Twitch on Android v3

One of my first large projects at Twitch back in 2013/14, I was tasked to give our Android app an overhaul.

Product Development Process

In Q1 of 2018 I spent many hours with our product managers, technical project managers and engineering managers to help put in place a consistent product development process.

This document helps teams understand certain milestones that will ensure that we are including the appropriate stakeholders at each step, but is also there to ensure that we are building impactful products.

I'm happy to discuss at a high level of how this works, so feel free to reach out.

Personal Projects


This food, wine and travel blog is brought to you by the curious minds of Tina Yu and Jarques Pretorius. We met and fell in love with each other in beautiful San Francisco, CA, and that is how we can to name our blog 37North.

A photobook of Japan

Made a photobook of our trip to Japan a few years ago. First photobook I've ever done, and follows our journey from Tokyo to Kyoto over two weeks.

Interested in picking one up? You can find it over at Blurb.


If you enjoy reading HackerNews, I made a Chrome extension to give it a bit of a more readable update.

jass, css diagnostics tool

jass is a simple javascript based CSS diagnostics tool. It tells you how many CSS rules you have, duplicates and how well IE6-8 will handle the file with their limitations.


How we travel

After a recent trip to Japan with two close friends, my wife and I realized that we travel somewhat differently. Not that either of us did something better, nor is there a right and wrong here, but it was different.

Be curious, learn new things

Like seasons, my interest in things changes every now and then. One month I'll be obsessed with everything bread, the next I want to know all there is to know about coffee.